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Helmet Attachments
Helmet Attachment Manufacturer Lore Compatible Helmets Rarity Unlock Requirements
Menu Icon for Cosmocom Helmet Attachment
Fracture: Entrenched Nothing has been heard on the Cosmocom from off-world astro-rangers in years, but hopes remains undimmed. Sky Marshal Legendary Purchase "Sky Marshal" Bundle from the Shop for 900 cR
Icon of the Earwig Attachment.
Fracture: Entrenched Multi-function radio and message conduit for soldiers burdened with oversight by officers and advisors back at headquarters. Eaglestrike Epic Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 10
Icon of the Gummytube Filter helmet attachment
Gummytube Filter
Fracture: Entrenched The crawling mists unleashed by the Covenant in its last offensives killed most of those it touched, and warped those it didn't. UNSC countermeasures took time to develop, and were never fully effective. Brodie Legendary Purchase "Brodie Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,400 cR
Icon of the Nocturnal Googles attachment
Nocturne Goggles
Fracture: Entrenched Even as the Final War ground civilization into dust, the UNSC claimed it did not build killers. Those caught in the middle of the conflict begged to differ. M199X Legendary Purchase "Eventide Infantry" Bundle from the Shop for 700 cR
Icon of the Recruiter's Band Helmet Attachment.
Recruiter's Band
Fracture: Entrenched Eventually no one was safe from the draft, and the UNSC ordered peace officers to help meet increasingly impossible staffing demands. Kerberos Legendary Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 24
Icon of the Spelunker Light Helmet attachement.
Spelunker Light
Fracture: Entrenched The worst terrors of the underdark and gloaming depths do not shy away from the light. Leadbelcher Legendary Purchase "Leadbelcher Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,700 cR