Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Eaglestrike/Attachments

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Helmet Attachment Manufacturer Lore Compatible Helmets Rarity Unlock Requirements
Menu Icon for Cosmocom Helmet Attachment
Fracture: Entrenched Nothing has been heard on the Cosmocom from off-world astro-rangers in years, but hopes remains undimmed.
  • Sky Marshal
Legendary Purchase "Sky Marshal" Bundle from the Shop for 900 cR
Icon of the Earwig Attachment.
Fracture: Entrenched Multi-function radio and message conduit for soldiers burdened with oversight by officers and advisors back at headquarters.
  • Eaglestrike
Epic Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 10
Icon of the Recruiter's Band Helmet Attachment.
Recruiter's Band
Fracture: Entrenched Eventually no one was safe from the draft, and the UNSC ordered peace officers to help meet increasingly impossible staffing demands.
  • Kerberos
Legendary Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 24
Spelunker Light
Fracture: Entrenched The worst terrors of the underdark and gloaming depths do not shy away from the light.
  • Leadbelcher
Legendary Purchase "Leadbelcher" Bundle from the Shop for 1,700 cR