Armor customization (Halo: Reach)/Utility

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Utility Unlock (Halo: Reach) Unlock (Halo: The Master Chief Collection)
HR Default Utility Icon.png
0 cR - Default Unlocked by default
HR HardCase Utility Icon.png
Tactical/Hard Case
Halo: Reach rank icon Captain, 40,000 cR Series 1 Tier 36, Spartan Point 1
HR Chobham Utility Icon.png
Purchase Tactical/Hard Case, 30,000 cR Series 1 Tier 51, Spartan Point 1
HR NxRA Utility Icon.png
Halo: Reach rank icon Major, purchase Tactical/Hard Case 40,000 cR Series 1 Tier 57, Spartan Point 1
HR TraumaKit Utility Icon.png
Tactical/Trauma Kit
Halo: Reach rank icon Lieutenant Colonel, purchase Tactical/Hard Case 80,000 cR Series 1 Tier 66, Spartan Point 1
HR SoftCase Utility Icon.png
Tactical/Soft Case
Halo: Reach rank icon Colonel, 100,000 cR Series 1 Tier 82, Spartan Point 1
Hydration canister icon.
Hydration Container
N/A The Exchange (Week of December 8, 2021)