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The Halopedia archive (not to be confused with the main Halopedia Archive) documents information related to Halopedia itself.

Letters of Canon

Main article: Archive:Letters of Canon

Letters of Canon were letters that Halopedia and its fans sent directly to Bungie, 343 Industries or other official sources to determine specifics of canon. These letters for the most part are impossible to verify if they are real, and thusly can not be used as official canon. Many letters have also not been followed as later media have been released. They are recorded here for posterity, so if required we can look back on them.

Canon Debates/Request for Move

Canon Debates/Requests for Move were old discussions on several topics on Halo. Prior to July 2010 they were used to help the wiki decide on how to deal with certain articles. To discuss these topics nowadays visit the Halopedia forums here.

Halo Nation

Main article: Archive:Halo Nation

The Halo Nation archive is a set of content related to the Halopedia/Halo Nation merger. This set of stuff will be merged into the relevant articles when the time is relevant.

General stuff

This is a list of stuff that does not particularly link up with any of the sections above.