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Aoife Larsson is a human civilian on the small Outer Colony planet, Losing Hand.[1]


Aoife and her older brother Ryan Larsson lived on the planet Losing Hand with their fellow colonists. In late 2552, the UNSC cargo tender Dark Was the Night crashed on their homeworld, destroying their wind farm in the process, taking out the colony's power supply. From that point forward, Aoife's colony had a mutual arrangement made with the crew of the UNSC vessel, which provided the town power from the ship's reactor. Several months later, however, tensions from the colonists and the crew began to boil, with her brother agitating her fellow colonists for action against the UNSC and eventually holding Captain Darren Leone at gunpoint, until Kevin-A282 defused the situation by shooting the rifle out of her brother's hand. After a persuasive argument from Aoife and Leone, the two sides eventually set aside their differences in order to prepare for the arrival of a Makar-pattern light corvette, The Lookout. However, the Covenant vessel was unexpectedly crewed by Sangheili and humans, who were searching for survivors of the Human-Covenant War. Even though she was given the offer to leave her planet, she instead opted to stay, along with her brother Ryan and Captain Leone.[1]

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