51 Pegasi system

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51 Pegasi system
Location overview



Distance from Sol:

50 light-years

Stellar overview

Spectral type:


Absolute magnitude:


Orbiting planets:

At least 1

Societal overview

Notable events:

Operation: TORPEDO


The 51 Pegasi system is a planetary system located some 50 light-years from Earth, in the constellation Pegasus.[1] The planetary system is home to the planet 51 Pegasi B and its moon Pegasi Delta,[2] whose rich oceans were mined by the Covenant for deuterium and tritium in 2545. The Covenant refinery complex was the target of a UNSC strike in Operation: TORPEDO, which led to the demise of all but two Beta Company SPARTAN-IIIs.[3]


51 Pegasi was the very first main-sequence (Sun-like) star discovered to have a planet in orbit around it.

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