2nd Squad (Pillar of Autumn)

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2nd Squad (Pillar of Autumn)
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Battle of Installation 04


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2nd Squad was a squad of standard UNSC Marine Corps personnel present during the Battle of Installation 04. The squad was present at the initial outbreak of the Flood.


Battle of Installation 04[edit]

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By September 19, 2552, the members of 2nd Squad were aboard the Pillar of Autumn when it arrived in the Soell system. Following the rescue of Captain Jacob Keyes, the squad was selected to investigate a supposed weapons cache, in fact a containment facility for the Flood parasite. Second squad would arrive in the swamps with the Captain and eventually meet up with Fire Team Charlie, who had already secured the site. The squad was assigned to guard the facility entrance to allow for Charlie to have a viable escape route. While Charlie were exploring the complex, 2nd Squad would be set upon by the Flood and make a panicked transmission to Charlie, before the latter group were promptly set upon themselves.[1][2]

Several members of the squad would survive the following hours, eventually linking up with the Spartan John-117 following his own escape from the facility. The squad would join John in the swamps as they sought to evacuate via Echo 419,[2] but ultimately all of the Marines were cut down.[1]


It is unknown if Fire Team Charlie was a fireteam of 2nd Squad, or if Fire Team Charlie was a unit of another squad.

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