23rd Armored Cavalry

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23rd Armored Cavalry


8 (post-Draetheus V)


Battle of Draetheus V


The 23rd Armored Cavalry was a UNSC Army unit.

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle of Draetheus V, there were several lofty bridges spanning an enormous gorge called the Epsilon Expanse which allowed for access to the southern plateau where the majority of Covenant landing zones were located. The Covenant quickly secured these bridges and held UNSC forces at bay with heavy artillery. Sarah Palmer escorted the 23rd Armored Cavalry to the Epsilon Expanse, but the Scorpion tanks would not have survived the guaranteed heavy artillery fire. Palmer took a small team of marines across one of the bridges. Palmer managed to infiltrate the Covenant camps and destroy several artillery turrets, giving the Scorpions the chance to advance and launch a counter-offensive.[1]

With the Covenant's southern forces exposed, Palmer and the 23rd Armored Cavalry's massive column of Scorpions and Grizzlys rushed across the Red Slate plateau on a collision course with several Covenant tank battalions. Only a UNSC counter-offensive would prevent Faraday Base from being crushed between the northern and southern front. The 23rd had brought eighty-six vehicles to Draetheus V. After the battle at Red Slate, there were only eight functioning vehicles left.[2]

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