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There is more information available on this subject at Xbox Game Studios on the English Wikipedia.
Xbox Game Studios
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Company information

Date founded:



Alan Hartman

Parent company:



Redmond, Washington, USA



Xbox Game Studios (formerly known as Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Game Studios, and Microsoft Games) is the video game development and publishing division of Microsoft. As of 2019, it consists of 15 subsidiary studios. They own the rights to several prominent Intellectual Properties, including the Halo franchise.

Xbox Game Studio was founded as "Microsoft Games" in 2000, being renamed to "Microsoft Game Studio" in 2001. Bungie Studios was a subsidiary of Microsoft Game Studios, from its acquisition in 2000 to its independence in 2007. Ensemble Studios was another subsidiary, acquired in 2001 and closed in 2009. Additionally, Hired Gun, now defunct, was a former subsidiary. In 2007, Microsoft Game Studios established 343 Industries as an internal-build team specifically assigned with managing the Halo franchise. Microsoft Game Studio was renamed as "Microsoft Studios" in 2011, and became the current Xbox Game Studios in 2019.


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