Victoria Weaver

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Victoria Weaver
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September, 2558[1]

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Victoria Weaver was a secretary in the Diplomatic Corps of the Unified Earth Government.[2]


Pre-Carrow Conflict[edit]

During her Diplomatic Corps training on Earth, Victoria completed an ariel combat sitution in a simulator.[2] Later, while assigned to pacify refugee riots in Valles Marineris on Mars with Melody Azikiwe, Adam Hsein, and Jens Forsburg, Victoria had bottles thrown at her by rioters near the Tenderloin District.[3]

Carrow Conflict[edit]

At the onset of the Carrow Conflict, Victoria, Melody, Adam, and Jens were stationed aboard the Unwavering Discipline while a civil war broke out between the forces of Rojka 'Kasaan and Thars 'Sarov. When it became apparent that Rojka's forces were on the brink of defeat, Melody ordered her staff to commander a Ren and use it to evacuate from the ship and reach the safety of Gila Station. She entrusted Victoria with piloting the craft.[2] However, the ship never reached its destination and all three of the occupants were presumed to be killed.[1]

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