Zeta Hydronis Secundus system

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Zeta Hydronis Secundus
H5G-Zeta Hydronis Secundus system.png
Stellar overview

Orbiting planets:

At least 2 planetoids[1][2][3]


Planetary debris[1][2]

Societal overview

Notable events:

Attack on the Zeta Hydronis Secundus system[1][2]



The Zeta Hydronis Secundus system was a planetary system within the Forerunner ecumene.[1][2]


System summary[edit]

Prior to Flood invading the system, the system was hosted to several rich planetoids. However during the Forerunner-Flood war the system fell before the parasite leading to Gravemind shattering some of the planets.[1][2]

System locations[edit]


Forerunner-Flood War[edit]

At the height of Forerunner power, the planetoids in the system hosted thriving colonies and impregnable fortresses, but during the Forerunner-Flood war the system fell before the parasite.[1][2]

Post-Human-Covenant War[edit]

In the post-Human-Covenant War era, the United Nations Space Command found the system, designating Site C to one of a handful of intact Forerunner structures that remained.[1][2]

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