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Roland: "Captain Veronica Ann Dare and Spartan Edward Malcolm Buck," Roland said with an official flourish of his hands. "Do you wish to be married? If so, each of you, please place your palm facedown on this tablet so I can record your prints, and say I do."
Buck: "How romantic," I said. I looked at Veronica. "Uh... you ready for this?" She nodded at me, smiling."
Dare: "Quit stalling, Buck."
Buck: "Neither Veronica or I hesitated for another instant. We put our hands right next to each other on the tablet. Mine might've been shaking just a bit. We looked into each other's eyes and said in unison "I do!"
Roland: "Prints accepted!" Roland announced. "Contract established! Your marriage is now legally binding! Feed the birds!"
— Buck and Dare's wedding ceremony[1]

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage.


By the 26th century, having a wedding appeared to have been become much easier, to the point that the prospective spouses only needed a terminal and a connection, although such a wedding was done in an impersonal matter by a computer program. However, weddings could still be performed by the captain of a ship and even a ship's AI could legally perform a wedding as, in many ways, they were the ship itself.[1]

During the wedding performed by Roland, he asked if they wished to be married, had the couple place their palms down on a tablet so that he could record their prints, and then say "I do." Once the prints were accepted, Roland announced that the contract was established and that their marriage was now legally binding.[1]


Spartan Edward Buck asked Captain Veronica Dare to marry him on at least one occasion - possibly more than once depending on how you want to count - but the couple agreed that the time wasn't right.[1]

While nearly falling to his death, Buck admitted that he regretted not marrying Dare when he had the chance.[2]

After returning to the UNSC Infinity, Dare brought up what Buck said and then dared him to marry her right then and there in the middle of an Infinity bar and had the bartender Helen give her a tablet. Buck suggested bringing in Captain Thomas Lasky to marry them as the captain of the ship, but the ship's AI Roland intervened to conduct the ceremony himself which Buck agreed to after the AI confirmed that it would be legal if Roland married them. With the bar's patrons in attendance, including Fireteam Osiris and Alpha-Nine, Buck and Dare were married by Roland.[1]

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