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About Me

I was born on July 7, in the year of 1996, making me a mere 12 today. I have dark brown thick wavy hair that has ranged from trim to shaggy and is right now in between. I am not very keen on entering the Military, surprisingly, since I play a warfare game. But in my opinion, war is a horrible thing in the real world, and though I enjoy simulated war, it is a bloody and gruesome thing to happen for real. I am 5'3" and somewhat strong, I am not overweight. I am left handed, and I have heard that left handed people are more creatively minded. Although this may be a horrible stereotype, I do love creating art of any kind, literature, sketching, and filmmaking.

How I found Halo

in the days when I played Star Wars Battlefront on my iBook, my computer would take forever to load the servers. So instead I used a freeware mac gaming application called GameRanger. It isn't actually a game, it's a unified way to make servers for whatever games you had compatible, as well as chat rooms. I was bored of lagging out when everyone ran to the gunships or getting spawn killed by noobs playing as Droidekas, so I went online to look for free game demos. I saw Halo Demo. Oh, Halo, what is that some religious game? I wondered. But Master Chief's armor looked really cool, and I started campaign (The Silent Cartographer) and got hooked by the amazing work it took to create this island. At first I didn't know that you had limited ammunition, or that you could only hold two weapons at once, but after an hour or so of getting beat to death by grunts, I was a Halo player.

Halopedia Policies

I don't usually try to go out and get as many good edits in as I can in 15 minutes. I can find this can lead to bad grammar, redundancy, and incorrect wiki guidelines. Instead I browse around obscure pages trying to find something new. If I see a grammar mistake, I fix it. If I see something in the wrong place, I fix it. I also work on redirects and disambiguations to make searching easier, I guess you could say they're my specialty.

I am currently a Gunnery Sergeant, and that wont be changing for another month or so, a slow and steady creep up the hierarchy pyramid is good for me. I have a reputation here, I find, as The Lockout Weekly guy, and although I have other contributors such as Gunner and Explar, I do most of the work. If you seem me 'round the IRC, you can ask about the next The Lockout Weekly, you may get nothing, you may get an answer, you may get an insult, or you may just get way more than you bargained for.

Please note that The Lockout Weekly, this page, me, all associated logos, and me are copyright 2008 by, well, nobody. But still, don't plagiarize, it's not cool.