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Welcome to TheCairoCat's Userpage

Home of The Lockout Weekly

Don't be messin.'

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The links below are down. Most of this stuff doesn't exist any more. Really, don't click it.

For wanabee reporters for The Lockout Weekly, click here!

For IRC Quotes, see here!

For Sanctimonious Redeemer, Cairo's Covenant Fanon, see here!

About Me

I'm inactive. I used to do some stuff here. Ask Nicmavr about it if you can find him.

How I found Halo

Sorry. This story expired a while ago. Halo is... a memory, for me, really.

Halopedia Policies

I don't edit Halopedia any more.

Please note that The Lockout Weekly, this page, me, all associated logos, and me are copyright 2008 by, well, nobody. But still, don't plagiarize, it's not cool. EDIT: Sure, go ahead, copy The Lockout Weekly. Really doesn't matter to me these days.