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March 9th

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Clean-up, PR-stuff, templates; more importantly: lurk.

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  • I love templates.
  • I hate content.
  • I love CSS.
  • I hate JS.
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Hey there. I was doing a lil research and 2 anomalies popped up that you were involved in. (Yes I know it wasnt tied to that faux-ARG Tied The Leader did)

If you can recall. What was that for? Is it "official" (Have to ask so I can cross it off my slight worry list lol)


For issues and so on the forum please use this area next time. Announcements is not the area for it. My apologies if it wasnt clear.


Thanks! I don't think we have any control over what version of MediaWiki we use. However, we have a show/hide toggle on our infoboxes, so I'll just steal the JS code from that if necessary.

Anyway, thanks for letting us use the idea :)



Would you mind if I copied this template you made, but for Halo Nation ( We have a similar "Features" section on many of our pages, but without the hide/show toggle, it looks really messy and takes up a large portion of the page. I wouldn't just copy/paste the template, of course, I'd recreate it from scratch - I just want to make sure you wouldn't mind us using your idea.




Hi Subtank, i just thought i would thank you personally for helping me with the timeline. I am going to start adding the new template pieces yo gave me. Thank you so much!


There are two modes to the mobile theme: let's call them phone and tablet. If the window width is really small then it's in phone mode, otherwise it's in tablet mode. If you resize your browser window really narrow and refresh you should be able to see it switch. In phone mode, the sections are collapsed by default and there is no table of contents. In tablet mode, there is a table of contents and the sections are expanded by default. This is just like Wikipedia.

In phone mode, the infobox is supposed to be large and you scroll past it - just like Wikipedia. In tablet mode the infobox should float right more like normal. Right now our infobox is behaving as expected in phone mode but is not floating in tablet mode, so I will fix that soon.


OK, I submitted a bug report for that. It will be fixed eventually so it shouldn't stop you from doing a design. Also we can include/exclude specific things for the mobile main page which we might do anyway if the gallery was too much scrolling on mobile.

"(think space pirates!)"
— Ye.

Are you a Metroid fan? (Too?)


Hi sub, I just saw your message (I only seem to see new messages on here after I make an edit) I was able to get as close to the original picture as possible. However after tinkering around I was also able to get some interesting photos as well. I haven't uploaded them here because I don't want to upload a bunch of images that won't be used, so I've uploaded them to image shack here is one, here is two, three and and here is an interesting angle I was able to get. Now here is another set here, here, here and here

If you need a cutout, tell me which one and ill get it cut out and upload here. Take care.