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Ado 'Ulamee
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Edited the page Harbinger of Piety
"/* Battle of Cleveland */ "took the humans" to "took the human""
Edited the page 784 BCE
"/* Unknown */ Original sentence read "During the conflict discovered" ch..."
Edited the page Battle of Installation 04
"/* The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor */"
Edited the page Battle of Installation 04
"/* Chaos spreads */ Zuka did not kill Huki as the sentence said previous..."
Edited the page Luminal Beacon
"/* Description */"
Edited the page Skein
"/* Known Skeins */Original statement had Chieftain Parabum as a member o..."
Edited the page Mind transfer
"/* Flood */Changed "grave mind" to "gravemind""
Edited the page Battle of the Citadel
"/* Truth's death and the end of the war */Changed some grammar"
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Worst Halo moment

Watching my vehicle and allies on it flung into the air on Quarantine Zone by flood, and then watching a rocket blow them to bits in the distance.

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