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Ultra Force
Ultra Force | Saturday, November 21, 2020
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IRC Quotes

This is a collection of all the memorable moments that happened to me in the IRC. I'm usually known as "[Gamma]" or "Spartan-A499" there.

Spartan-A499 aka [Gamma] = Ultra Force

Spartan-A399 = Flood12345

Spartan-A599 = Cally99117

[Lambda] = Halo-343

Kouger = Kougermasters

[Aeolus] = Arbiter116

[Alpha] = Smoke.

General Mother

<General5_7> you are a disgrace to mothers everywhere!

=-= General5_7 is now known as UrMom

<[Lambda]> lol

<Snore66> .....

=-= UrMom is now known as Ur_Mom

<Ur_Mom> why are they all registered?

=-= Ur_Mom is now known as Ur__Mom

<Ur__Mom> there we go

<[Lambda]> lol

<Snore66> I wonder why...

<Ur__Mom> Halo 343, why arent you in bed??

<Ultra_Force> He doesn't want to sleep.

<[Lambda]> Ur___Mom: Because I'm Jesus

<Ur__Mom> ive told you a MILLION times to go

<Ur__Mom> now GO before i ground you

<[Lambda]> Ah, okay...

<Snore66> Oh I'm scared....

  • Ur__Mom smacks Snore with a cane
  • Snore66 quietly locks his door and play video games in his room with his light turned off.
  • [Lambda] slumps sadly off to bed
  • Ur__Mom looks at Lambdas computer

<Ur__Mom> GASP

<Ur__Mom> what are you looking at??

<[Lambda]> The IRC

  • Ur__Mom reads the websiter URL

<[Lambda]> It's an IRC

<Ur__Mom> www...


<Ur__Mom> wtf?

<[Lambda]> XD


<Snore66> XD

<[Smoke]> O_o

  • Ur__Mom begins crying

<Ur__Mom> WHY


<Ur__Mom> i even had a girl picked out for you!

<Ultra_Force> lolz

<Snore66> :)

<[Lambda]> Ur___Mom: Are you high?

<Ur__Mom> no!

  • Ur__Mom hides a needle

<[Lambda]> lol

  • Snore66 continues playing video games.

<Ur__Mom> of course not!

<Ur__Mom> i have to be a good example

<Ur__Mom> now STOP BEING GAY

<[Lambda]> Ur__Mom: No u

  • Ur__Mom begins smacking Lambda

<Snore66> XD

<Ur__Mom> I'm making sure that all of your friends are girls

<Ur__Mom> no more guyfriends!

<Ur__Mom> now i know what you do with them at night...

<[Lambda]> This is just getting weirder and weirder

<Ur__Mom> lol

<[Lambda]> Ur__Mom: Go back to Germania you Nazi!!

  • Ur__Mom takes a swig of beer

Kouger's Table

  • Kouger sits on his table.
  • Kouger yawns again
  • VideoGameChick flips kougers table

<[Aeolus]> lol

<[Alpha]> lol

<Kouger> Does not affect Kouger's table.

<Kouger> It's superglued to the floor.

  • [Aeolus] rips out the floor tiles the table is glued to :P

<Kouger> Now leave neutral Kouger alone. He doesn't take part in your petty squabbles.

<VideoGameChick> then go find someplace else to be sleepy, boi

  • Kouger glues the table to the essence of matter which is indestructible.
  • Delta-269 sets Kouger's table on fire

<[Aeolus]> XD

<Spartan-A499> lol

  • [Aeolus] o/\o Delta-269

<VideoGameChick> oooooh fire

<Kouger> It's made of steel, fool.

  • [Aeolus] melts the table
  • [Aeolus] reshapes the table into a giant metal dildo
  • [Aeolus] sticks Kouger's face into it

<[Alpha]> O_O

<Delta-269> Kouger, steel + gasoline + lighter = fire

  • Kouger puts [Aeolus] in a group home for retarded children.
  • [Aeolus] walks out the door...

<[Aeolus]> that was...easy...

<VideoGameChick> xD

  • Kouger buys a new table with an invisible barrier around it.
  • Kouger sits on his table.
  • [Aeolus] removes all oxygen from inside the barrier
  • [Aeolus] replaces the air with carbon monoxide

<[Aeolus]> let's see how long it takes you to come out :)

  • Kouger isn't alive.

<Kouger> Does not affect.

  • Kouger is communicating with you from another dimension.
  • [Aeolus] nuclear-bombs the building Kouger is in, destroying the energy shield and the table
  • Spartan-A499 notes that he secretly put a C4 explosive under kouger's table.

<VideoGameChick> ....tehe

<[Aeolus]> lol we're working really hard to destroy the table

<[Aeolus]> with no particular reason

<Snore66> Why do you sit on a table and not a chair?

<Jug6ernaut> ...

<[Alpha]> ...

<Spartan-A499> ...

<[Aeolus]> ...

  • Kouger is just happily sitting here, while you barbarians try to destroy me.

<VideoGameChick> XDDDD

<Kouger> No wonder humanity is going to shit.

<Kouger> Human nature = fail

<Spartan-A499> Oh? Then what are you?

<Kouger> What am I, you ask?

<Spartan-A499> Yeah.

<Kouger> I am the table, you could say. It's all metaphorical beyond your human comprehension.

<[Aeolus]> lol

  • [Aeolus] grabs Kouger's most prized possessions and begins smashing them in front of his eyes outside the barrier

<Kouger> ...

  • Kouger has no possessions.

<Kouger> The table itself is my home.

  • [Aeolus] splits an atom in the barrier, causing an unstable displacement
  • [Aeolus] watches Kouger get enveloped by the energy and cease to exist




<Kouger> stop it with teh capz

<TheManOfIron> capz own

<Spartan-A499> Caps Lock = Fail

<TheManOfIron> Captiolizing Every Word Word That You Say In Your Sentence Is Kinda Cool I Like It.

<Kouger> Stop it.

<Kouger> That is very annoying.

<Spartan-A399> What Is Very Annoying?

<TheManOfIron> lol

<Spartan-A499> lol

<Spartan-A399> RRRIIIGGTTTHHH...

<TheManOfIron> I Am Sorry I Am A Russian And I Are New To This New English Language So Excuse Me English I Be Sorry

<Kouger> ...Not funny

<Kouger> shut up

<TheManOfIron> OK I Will Stop

<Spartan-A499> lmao

<Spartan-A399> It Took Me A Lot To Learn English

<TheManOfIron> lol he gets it

<TheManOfIron> Because I Heard Fron A Friend That English Is The Hardest Language To Learn. I Apologiez.

<TheManOfIron> Would You Like Me To Screencap This As Evidence Against A Possible Block, Mister?

<Kouger> Block? Who said anything about block?

<Kouger> There's other ways to deal with idiots like you

<TheManOfIron> I Am Not An Idiot

<Kouger> It makes no difference.

<TheManOfIron> I Am Sorry I Are New To this English Language

<TheManOfIron> It Is Many Hard To Speak

<TheManOfIron> Kouger Would You Like Me To Take A Picture Of This Conversation If You Want Evidence?

<Kouger> ...

<Kouger> You're obviously pretty stupid, since I saw you using very good English a little while ago.

<Spartan-A499> Kouger, it's just a joke.

<Spartan-A499> Stop being serious 24/7.

<TheManOfIron> Dude, don't be a hater, I am joking around. GOSH

  • TheManOfIron thinks that Kouger is strict
  • Kouger feels the need to be serious whenever someone tells him to not be serious

<Kouger> Next person who Capitalizes all or most of their words without need will suffer the penalties of death

<TheManOfIron> I Think That Master Chief Was The Coolest Guy. Why Did He Need To Die, And Why Did They Cancel The Halo Movie

<TheManOfIron> Hell O Everyone Body I Are New To These New Language So I Are Going To Try The Bestest That I Are Able To speak Properlay

      • TheManOfIron is now known as Q-34532444532462

<Q34532444532462> lol

<Q34532444532462> Herro Everyone Body I Are A Japenese Parson

<Q34532444532462> Everybody Speak Please There Is No Need to Be Scared Of A randomny Person Who Are Cool And New To These Languages And I Are Sorry If Me No Make Senses Right here Because I are New to These Language and I am From Teh Russians

<Kouger> nobody cares

      • mode/#halopedia [+o Kouger] by ChanServ
      • Q34532444532462 was kicked from #halopedia by Kouger
      • mode/#halopedia [-o Kouger] by Kouger


<VideoGameChick> fuck it sucks having no pop in the house

  • [Aeolus] drives a truck full of Nestea through VGC's wall
  • [Aeolus] smashes the truck straight into VGC's bedroom

<Spartan-A499> Why drink pop when you can drink water?

<VideoGameChick> ew =[

<VideoGameChick> water is gross and boring

<Spartan-A499> *milk

<[Aeolus]> I like milk ;)

<VideoGameChick> milk makes u want to gag

<Spartan-A499> *Juice

<[Aeolus]> heh

<[Aeolus]> I like juice ;)

<VideoGameChick> ...

<Spartan-A499> ...

<charitwo> ...

<[Alpha]> ...

<[Aeolus]> ...

<VideoGameChick> moving on?

<[Aeolus]> sure

Alpha Company

<Spartan-A499> Looks like the entire Alpha Company is here.

<Spartan-A599> I don't see you around here very often Spartan-A399. (And yes, I know you are Flood12345)

<Spartan-A399> No u

  • Spartan-A599 uses Flash Bang grenades to blind A499 and A399, then assassinates them.
  • Spartan-A499 dodges.
  • Spartan-A599 gets ready.
  • Spartan-A499 pulls out a Combat Knife.
  • Spartan-A499 throws it at A599 at point blank.
  • Spartan-A599 uses Armor Lock
  • Spartan-A499 waits until the Armor Lock runs out then throws a nearby Warthog at A599. Crushing him.

<Spartan-A499> This is why Spartans were augmented.

  • Spartan-A599 holds back the Warthog as much as he can and throws it into some fusion coils near A499, that kills him
  • Spartan-A499 emerges from the smoke...much to A599's surprise.

<Spartan-A499> I used the good ol' Armor Lock.

  • Spartan-A599 snipes A499 after his Armor Lock runs out.
  • Spartan-A499 is not dead becuase the bullet could not penetrate his virtually unbreakable skeleton.
  • Spartan-A399 activates the Halo rings

<Spartan-A399> I win

<Spartan-A599> No, I assassinated you A399.

  • Spartan-A399 erases A599 from existance
  • Spartan-A599 reaappears in existance.
  • Spartan-A399 throws a black hole at A599
  • Spartan-A599 makes it into a wormhole that leads him right back.


  • Spartan-A499 lasers A399 and A599
  • Spartan-A399 is immune to lasers
  • Spartan-A599 shoots all the weak spots in time by escaping.

<Spartan-A499> FOR NARNIA!!!

  • Spartan-A499 kills A599 with Grav Hammer.
  • Spartan-A599 is in Armor Lock.

<Spartan-A499> Darn it.

<Spartan-A599> Lolhax I call it.

  • Spartan-A399 uses non-stop Invincibility

<Spartan-A499> A399: epic phail

  • Spartan-A499 incinerates A399 with his Focus Rifle.
      • Spartan-A399 [bd9f6450@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]

<Spartan-A499> He died...

<Spartan-A599> 'K stop with teh spamming.
<Spartan-A499> No u