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I have Halo Combat Evolved PC and Custom Edition.

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Got 345 kills and 132 death in a 5 hour Halo PC game

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Agreed, I didn't feel as emotionally connected to Noble Team. I suppose it is because they had next to no character development, Carter was basically just a more talkative version of John. Emile was your typical gung-ho cliche. Jun was...boring. And Kat was just a pretty face. Jorge was the only one's death I felt remotely moved by, that and Noble Six who is the only one I felt should have lived, but, alas, he does not. Didn't like any of the ODST because, well, after reading Fall of Reach and The Flood they just come off as straight up a-holes. Self-centered pricks. Agreed, I hope they bring him back with a personality similar to his in Combat Evolved or another character of equal or greater quality (cause as much as I like him I think 3 games playing as him is enough, personally, but that doesn't mean exclude him! Lol)