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July 2nd

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My name is Davian and I am an avid Halo fan. I don't particularly like any of the new games or the books, not that I don't read, I just prefer the characters and storylines in the games better. My favorite character is the Master Chief, aka Spartan-117, because I feel I relate to him the most out of any character, and I feel closest to him personally since I've been playing him since Combat Evolved, I also see a lot of myself in him, how I've lost so many people close to me and how numb I've become over all these years. I don't really have another character I like, maybe the Arbiter. I dislike ODSTs greatly because they're stuckup. My favorite gametype is Firefight. Favorite weapon: Anything that explodes. I'm 18, and have personally written a Sci-Fi Dystopian Cyberpunk Space Opera of sorts (480-or-so pages) known as 'A Total Assault: Question Reality', and I am looking into Platoon Leaders' Class and serving in the USMC until I hit Captain, at which point I'll probably go into Politics and continue my writing career. Anyway thats just a little bit about me.

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Nine Inch Nails


Anything SciFi/Fantasy

Video games

Mass Effect, Dead Space, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Alien Trilogy, AVP:Extinction, AVP, and last but certainly not least is the Halo series.



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Halo 3, when the Master Chief activates Halo's control center. However, I also like the sequence in the control center of the original Halo, Combat Evolved, and escaping Halo during the Maw. I don't particularly like the 'hog run of Halo 3, because I felt it was trying to be too much like Combat Evolved.

Worst Halo moment

The death of Noble Six, epic but sad.

(I also hate it when people call me "Kid". Not only is it derogatory, it is also rude.)

Anything else


What I Hate About Halo: The ODST, they're jerks, picking on somebody smaller and younger than them to feel tough, they remind me of some of the rednecks at my highschool, seriously.

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Hmmm I Really Like The Feeling That You Thought That Noble 6's Death Was Sad. Epic But Sad. My Favorite Halo Character's Are John-117(Master Chief), And J.D."Rookie" And Gunnery Sargent Edward Buck, And Last But Not Least, Noble Six.


Yep, that's me. Although my Halopedia identity is all but dead.


<--- "The death of noble six, epic but sad"

so true