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"Whatever. To be honest this isn't worth my time. "
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About me

I live video games.

Hobbies & interests

Star Wars, 300, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, District 9 and Pandorum. The Walking Dead and Doctor Who.

Oh and Science Documentaries. Older Music. You classical. Comic, Graphic Novels, Fantasy and Sci Fi novels. Too many xP meh.

Favorite Halo moment

Most of them xP.

Worst Halo moment

One of the Last levels on Halo 3 with two Scarabs. Absolutely impossible to beat on Heroic alone.

Anything else


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you told me this was fake and i just tell you it's not, and i am the one that's not respectful? anyway sorry but i had an e-mail telling me you changed that page...