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About me

I am 6'3 in hight, I am 18, I am a great fan of the halo series, i enjoy drawing/sketching/painting/writing storys and playing a good shooter based game with a good plot like halo for example

Hobbies & interests

I like a good sci-fi/action/thriller/horror and comedy.I dont mind with any other movie but i prefer the type of movies up above. The same goes with tv shows/series. I enjoy many types of music so I dont really have a fav. Hmmmm books... welll i hardly read books unless thier of the same subject as the things I like for example the halo books and graphis novels, the same goes with the gears of war books and graphic novels. But I dont mind reading in general, I just choose not to. I dont mind any game but i prefer shooters out of all of them, but i also like sci-fi/action/horror type games. I dont mind any other as long as the have a good plot. Hmmmm now that i can answer, i like the oxm (official Xbox 360 magazine) that playstation one and a hole lot of music ones as ell mostly metal hammer CHICKEN!!!! lol well im not really the meat eating type but chicken and fish i make the acception for apart from that i dont really eat in general either. But i enjoy eating when it comes to partys though COFFEE!!!! milo, any hot drik really, oh and the ocational fizzy/energy drink. practicly anything really

Favorite Halo moment

Playing the campaign or online with friends and family having a great time.

Worst Halo moment

someone taking my kill and stopping me from getting an achievement

Anything else

everything is just so aesome about halo, the gameplay is so amazing and wonderful hen the online is deadly and entence.

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I go to middel school, so when you said you go to school, I thought that you ment middel school. Just so you don`t think i am a rapest or something.


I thought you went to middel school.


I'm not sure if mentioning that is necessary, since we don't know that for certain. It's just the most likely conclusion judging by the cover. Plus, since they were on Earth for two weeks, it would seem odd if they didn't receive the Mark VI at any point.


Nope. The only parts of the book where John interacts with the other Spartans happen years before the Mark V or Mark VI were even created. Fred, Will and Linda most likely obtained the Mark VI during their stay on Earth and John never went to Onyx where he'd have a chance to meet anyone wearing SPI armor. The Mark VI Spartan in the cover is most probably Fred or Will since Linda would be more likely to use a sniper rifle.