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Dalton Cicchitto




Team four star, Yugioh abriged, Roster, funorb/arcanits.


January 11, 2012

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About me

I rlly like to play videogames and read, but i still have a life. every week end i hang out with freinds at bon-fires.

Hobbies & interests

Act of valor, Hunger games,Paranormal Activity and all anime movies. Tosh.o, X-play, attack of the show, the walking dead, valdrean and DB,Z,GT 4fdp, linkin park, Breaking Ben., 3 days grace, Hollywood undead, diturbed, Korn Alex Rider, the walking dead and the halo sreis

halo1,2,3, GTA SAN, Resident Evil 4 and 5 also. ( Cant hold out until RE6 and halo 4 come out)! capcom, videogame and espn
tacos, pizza, salad and chines. coke, MD and monster
Favorite Halo moment

Wake me, when you need me.

Worst Halo moment

when they lost Jonsey

Anything else

cant wait tell halo 4 comes out!

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dalton? you there? yoohoo!!!


Dude, I knew it was gonna have Chris AND Leon from the beginning, the Jake dude and Ada were a pleasent surprise!


hahhahaha lol sorry i havent been replying been busy