Unidentified communications officer

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"Listen. We have a report of core data corruption."
— COMM Officer

The unidentified communications officer is a member of UNSC Naval Intelligence and a crewman aboard the prowler, UNSC Tokyo Rules.[1]


During the first hours of the Battle of Earth on October 20, 2552, he received a report of core data corruption in New Mombasa's Urban Infrastructure AI's, the Superintendent's data center, presumably because of the Huragok melding with the construct or other damage caused by the Covenant attack. He contacted the Superintendent, asking it to put Commissioner Kinsler on the line, for which the AI responded with unintelligible vocalization, reminiscent of a dog growling.

He then asked the Superintendent to upload its logs for the last twenty-four hours. The construct only replied with repeating the phrase "KEEP IT CLEAN". Frustrated, the COMM officer told the AI they'd send a team to retrieve the AI's data, and that all additional comm traffic would need to go through him until they would arrive. The Superintendent didn't acknowledge, only repeating its pre-recorded phrases.

Some time later, a transcript of this exchange was opened by Captain Veronica Dare, to receive background information for her mission to secure the Superintendent's data.[1]

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