Unidentified Marine officer (Mombasa)

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Unidentified Marine officer
The ONI Photographer and the Unnamed Marine Officer of Mombasa.
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"Still too scary...make it seem more adventurous"
— Unnamed Marine Officer to Benjamin Giraud about a photo.

This unidentified officer was a Marine stationed in New Mombasa in 2552.[1]


In late 2552, he was stationed in the ONI office in New Mombasa, likely as a consultant, telling the media what to show and not to show. When the Covenant started their attack on Mombasa, he rounded up all available UNSC Marines and able-bodied males to fight. There, him, Benjamin Giraud, and the civilians fought, giving the rest of the civilians of the city time to evacuate on sea transports. During the battle, they translated a Covenant message; "We need to clear this area before we can secure access to the Ark" He told Giraud to get the message out of the city.

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