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Acronym templates[edit]

Generating titles and names[edit]


Sanitising specific acronym types[edit]

Checking acronym existence[edit]


This template is used to sanitise Halopedia acronyms before they are used in other templates. It does not guarantee that an acronym is valid, as the correct response to an invalid acronym will vary between templates that call this one. However, it guarantees that what it returns will be in lower case and that, if it was a valid acronym, it will have been replaced with the primary acronym for that topic. For instance, HTFoR will have been replaced with tfor. This allows template pages to only have to consider the primary acronym cases, while still providing support for the secondary acronyms.

Usually, if no acronym match is found, the template will simply return exactly what was passed to it, albeit in lower case. However, by setting the NoPassthrough flag, the template can be made to output nothing if the acronym does not exist.



To insert this template onto a page, place the following wikitext onto the article.

Simplified Version Full Version


Field Name Field Aliases Optional or Required? Description Example
1 (Unnamed field) - Required The acronym to sanitise. TFoR
NoPassthrough - Optional Determines whether or not to pass the original argument through if no acronym match was found. If this flag is set - to anything at all - passthrough will be disabled. Otherwise, passthrough is enabled by default. no

Error states[edit]

This template has no error states.


Here are some examples of what the template will output, when used:

Wiki markup Result
"{{Acronym|CE}}" "ce"
"{{Acronym|H1X}}" "ce"
"{{Acronym|banana}}" "banana"
"{{Acronym|CE|NoPassthrough=yes}}" "ce"
"{{Acronym|H1X|NoPassthrough=yes}}" "ce"
"{{Acronym|banana|NoPassthrough=yes}}" ""


Template dependencies[edit]

This template depends upon the following templates:

Extension dependencies[edit]

This template requires the following extensions:

  • Variables - used to optimise the number of template calls made, by caching previous call results

Dependent templates[edit]

The following templates depend upon this one. If you are making changes to this template, please ensure that they will not break any of them!