Stealth shroud

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Stealth shrouds are a kind of defensive countermeasure employed on spacecraft of the Covenant fleet. They consist of a combination of distortion screens and a multispectral hypersink, rendering their host ship practically invisible to passive long-range sensors regardless of their species of origin.[1][2] When a vessel under a stealth cloak deploys drop pods and other craft, they gain a small reduction in their sensor profile while passing through the stealth shroud screen.[2]

The only known model of stealth shroud is the Ushab-pattern, installed on both the Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette and Makar-pattern light corvette.[1] Similar systems are presumably responsible for the stealth on dedicated Covenant stealth ships such as intrusion corvettes, drekars, and stealth ships. However, some vessels such as the vestige Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner employ stealth systems instead composed of brute-force jamming and small drones, rather than more advanced multispectral distortion on modern Covenant designs.[3]

The prowlers of the United Nations Space Command do not employ stealth shrouds, but instead a combination of photoreactive panelling and baffled fusion drives.

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