Skins (Halo 3)/Warthog

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Icon Name Description Unlock requirements
Default Default skin. Unlocked by default
H3 Warthog Arctic Skin.png
Arctic Over snow by winter sown. Series 4, Tier 3 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Warthog RallyHog Skin.png
Rally Hog One deadly homologation special. Series 4, Tier 29 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Warthog HazardPay Skin.png
Hazard Pay Safety first! Series 4, Tier 42 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Warthog AmberRaven Skin.png
Amber Raven Because orange is obviously the best color. Series 6, Tier 94 (Spartan Point 1)
H3 Warthog BlackRhine Skin.png
Black Rhine Moa-skin hubcaps optional. Series 6, The Exchange (Spartan Point 3)
HTMCC Season 8 battlepass icon.
Gilden Lion A chariot fit for heroes. Series 8 Challenge: The Hogfather
Complete the Beast Mode and Chrononaut challenges.
Great Journey Don't worry... I know what the aliens like. Unlocked by default
Taxi Keep the meter running. Unlocked by default
H3 Warthog ONI Skin.png
ONI Keeping secrets safe since 2178. Unreleased