Skins (Halo: Combat Evolved)/Shotgun

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Icon Image Name Description Unlock requirements
Default Default skin. Unlocked by default
HCE Shotgun Golden Skin.png
Golden Bling on the ring. Series 2 Challenge: Hot Shotty
Defeat 150 opponents with the Shotgun in any game mode.

The Exchange (Season point 2)

HCE Shotgun Woodland Skin.png
Woodland Camping is a legitimate strategy. Series 2, Tier 37 (Season point 1)
HCE Shotgun Desert Skin.png
Desert Looks very stylish with a poncho. Series 2, Tier 17 (Season point 1)
HCE Shotgun GreatJourney Skin.png
Great Journey Don't worry... I know what the aliens like. Series 2, Tier 8 (Season point 1)
HCE Shotgun HuntersBlood Skin.png
Hunter's Blood Well armed. Well armored. Series 2, Tier 87 (Season point 1)