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A Spartan-IV showcasing a Sangheili skull on their left shoulder, in accordance with Shrwssha'wash.

Shrwssha'wash is an ancient Sangheili martial tradition. The tradition involves ritually dismembering foes defeated in combat and displaying their skull for all to see. During the era of the Covenant, Shrwssha'wash was suppressed by the San'Shyuum Hierarchs, who deemed it distasteful—though the Covenant's collapse has seen it gain some resurgence among the Sangheili and even Spartans assigned to work alongside the Swords of Sanghelios.[1]

During the Great Schism, the Jiralhanae Tartarus bore a Sangheili skull on his left shoulder pauldron in a similar manner to Shrwssha'wash—though this was likely not done out of respect for the ancient Sangheili tradition.[2]

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  1. ^ Halo Infinite, Armor Hall: Skullbearer Trophy - Shoulder Description "The Prophets suppressed many Sangheili martial practices they deemed distasteful, including Shrwssha'wash: a tradition of displaying the skulls of particularly recalcitrant foes after their defeat and ritual dismemberment."
  2. ^ Halo 2, Tartarus in-game model