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This article's title is a callsign, an alias, or a nickname, as no proper name for the subject has been revealed.

"Alright, Captain. You’ve got your squad. If I survive the attack. And right now? That’ll take a genuine act of God."
— Say My Name Actual to Veronica Dare
Say My Name Actual
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Say My Name Actual was the callsign of an admiral in the UNSC Navy who served as the commanding officer of the Marathon-class cruiser UNSC Say My Name during the Battle of Earth.[1]

He partook in the opening stages of the Battle of Earth, during which Captain Veronica Dare requested an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper strike team from him to partake in a classified Office of Naval Intelligence mission. He was hesitant at first, but he was forced to fulfill Dare's request as she was an ONI Section One operative. The admiral promised to loan Dare the squad, provided he survived the battle, which seemed extremely unlikely at the time. Even during his exchange with Dare, he was in the middle of a space battle. He and his ship, however, survived the initial attack and Dare received the assistance of the squad.[1]

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