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Render to Video is a feature that can be used with's Bungie Pro. It allows users to convert Halo 3 Films and Film Clips into video files that a typical media player can play.


"It is being tested internally right now. It is still coming, but you'll have to be patient. It is a big feature with a lot of engineering and logistics required, so it will take a while to get up and running even after we're done making it work."
— Achronos, a overlord

"Render to Video" was announced around October 2008.[citation needed] Bungie stated that the feature was meant to allow players to capture in-game moments and upload them directly to their computers.[1] The feature is quite useful to machinima producers.

It has not been confirmed on whether or not it will be available to Mac users. Bungie has stated that in order to get more minutes for Render to Video, you must buy them off of Amazon, but you cannot exchange Microsoft Points for them. However, they mentioned maybe allowing players to exchange Microsoft Points in the future.[2]