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Ranks in Halo Wars are earned by accumulating score from public Matchmaking games on Xbox LIVE.

TrueSkill ranking[edit]

For calculating matchmaking player matchups, Halo Wars employs Microsoft's TrueSkill technology. This is used to match players into games, with each player assigned a different rank for each playlist in the game. If a player searches as part of a party, the average TrueSkill rank for the party as a whole is used.[1] TrueSkill ranks were used on the Halo Wars leaderboards.

Skill ranking[edit]

In addition to TrueSkill, Halo Wars calculated a 1-50 numeric skill rank for each player based on how they performed in each game they played. The skill ranks are not used in matchmaking, and are only calculated for bragging rights.[1] Skill ranks were not viewable in-game, but could instead be viewed on, prior to its shutdown.

Score ranking[edit]

Score ranks are the main ranks a player sees in game, represented by a UNSC military rank and a unique icon (the same as the ranks featured in Halo 3). Score ranks were implemented to help visually represent a player's experience in playing Halo Wars, and represent a total tally of all the score earned by the player in every multiplayer game they have played.[1] The Service Record shows the player's current rank, score and how many more points the player needs to rank up. The player's rank is also visible as an icon next to their gamertag when in a game lobby, post game screen and other areas. There are eight ranks available in Halo Wars. The player starts as Unranked, and then is promoted to Recruit upon completing their first public Matchmaking game.

As a match progresses, players earn a "Base Score" for which they earn points by killing enemy units and buildings; Base Score is maxed out at 4000 points. At the end of the match the base score is multiplied by the "Bonus Score," resulting in a "Total Score." Bonus score is calculated based upon several factors. To earn the bonus, the player must complete a Public Matchmaking game and not disconnect. If the player wins, they receive an additional 40%. If the player loses, they still get an additional 20%. If the player is out of the game early and wants to leave, they will still receive the 20% bonus.[1] Bonus score is also affected by "Combat Efficiency", a rating of 1-5 which is based on the number of units and buildings killed in relation to the number of units and buildings lost. The maximum Bonus Score is 8.40X, making the maximum "Total Score" for a single match 33600 points.

The Running The Show achievement can be unlocked by hitting the rank of General in Halo Wars.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition ranks[edit]

Ranks in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition work the same way as in the original game, with the same ranks and requirements as listed above. However, in addition to the original eight ranks found in the original game, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition also introduced three new ranks after General; Three-, Four- and Five-Star General, respectively. Their current unlock requirements as presently unknown. This brings the total number of available multiplayer ranks to eleven.

Rank score requirements[edit]

When Halo Wars launched, the rank XP requirements were considerably higher and harder to achieve than later iterations.[1] Throughout the Halo Wars Title Updates #2 and #4, the rank requirements were decreased twice due to a wish to make earning the Running The Show achievement easier for newer players.[2][3] The older score requirements are listed in the below table. The values seen in the Title Update 4 column represent those seen in the current builds of Halo Wars and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

Note: Table data is aggregated from the sources listed at the bottom of the page.
Rank Name Unlock requirement (Launch) Unlock requirement (Title Update 2) Unlock requirement (Title Update 4)
N/A Unranked
Default rank
H3 Rank Recruit Icon.svg
Play one multiplayer match
H3 Rank Lt Icon.svg
Lieutenant 80,000 score 25,000 score 15,000 score
H3 Rank Captain Icon.svg
Captain 200,000 score 60,000 score 30,000 score
H3 Rank Major Icon.svg
Major 400,000 score 140,000 score 60,000 score
H3 Rank Cmdr Icon.svg
Commander 800,000 score 310,000 score 120,000 score
H3 Rank Colonel Icon.svg
Colonel 1,600,000 score 700,000 score 240,000 score
H3 Rank Brigadier Icon.svg
Brigadier 2,400,000 score 1,500,000 score 480,000 score
H3 Rank General Icon.svg
General 3,200,000 score 2,400,000 score 960,000 score
H3 Rank General G2 Icon.svg
Three-Star General
Roughly 3,400,000 score (Definitive Edition-only)[Note 1]
H3 Rank General G3 Icon.svg
Four-Star General
Roughly 15-16,000,000 score (Definitive Edition-only)[Note 1]
H3 Rank General G4 Icon.svg
Five-Star General
Roughly 60-64,000,000 score (Definitive Edition-only)[Note 1]


  1. ^ a b c The values listed for the Definitive Edition-only ranks are rough estimates, based on data seen via hex editing the game files. Given the high XP requirements and low playerbase of the game, these rank requirements are not fully definitive.


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