Portable gravity lift/Gameplay

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  • When placed near a wall, a player can use this device to jump on or over it.
  • Doorways can also be blocked with it, by sticking enemy players on the ceiling, or if in Forge place it horizontally so it pushes the player away. This is especially useful when playing Juggernaut as it can push the Juggernaut into an area, essentially holding the Juggernaut there.
  • One tactic that has been used is deploying a Gravity Lift and then sending a Power Drain or grenade up to the enemy above; this requires a deal of luck as well, not to mention either needing:
    • Both a Portable Gravity Lift and Power Drain close together.
    • Two teammates close together and able to coordinate this tactic, which is often difficult to manage.
  • The Gravity Lift can also be used when you are about to be splattered by a vehicle by deploying the Grav Lift in front of the vehicle. The driver will not be able to avoid it and the vehicle will be sent flying. It is important to crouch immediately after deploying the Portable Gravity Lift because some light vehicles, such as the Warthog and the Qavardu Workshop Prowler, can still clip you in the head as they fly over you.
  • You can drop it on top of an active Bubble Shield which will cause it to rise above your opponent, leaving him unprotected.
  • You can use it to great effect to flip over light vehicles, or reduce the handling of larger ones. Any Ghost or Mongoose moving over one at high speed is likely to flip over when landing, and will prove to be a pain for even Scorpions and Wraiths. It is theoretically possible to use one with momentum to get a Splatter you would not otherwise have.