Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/Sniper

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Phoenix log artwork

Stealthy reconnaissance and marksman unit.

Snipers are specialized infantry units armed with a sniper rifle and accompanied by a spotter drone. Snipers are equipped with cloaking tech. which they can use to camouflage themselves as they scout out enemy targets. The base rifle is only effective against infantry , but the Stanchion upgrade arms the Sniper with a portable railgun that deals heavier damage against ground troops.

Drawn from experienced Marine force reconnaissance and Army cavalry scouts, the Spirit of Fire's sniper teams have traditionally operated in the background as unsung heroes of many skirmishes and aerial strikes. Equipped with photoreactive cloaks and deceptive jammers, Snipers are extremely difficult to detect until they prepare to strike. After a sniper engages, a canny commander should redeploy them to another vantage point to avoid retaliatory fire.