Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/Frostraven

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Phoenix log artwork

Death on frozen wings.

The Frostraven is an aerial support vehicle unique to Serina. It is equipped with a vacuum energy extractor, nicknamed the cryo ray, which chills and then freezes enemy units. The Frostraven can also unleash its special ability, a shockwave missile, which shatters any frozen enemies in the target area. With the Chill Out upgrade the Frostraven's cryo ray becomes even more powerful, chilling and freezing the targeted unit faster.

The ZAV—48 Frostraven is a conjectural design that pairs research work Serina conducted on weaponized vacuum energy cryotech with a modified EV—44 airframe. As Isabel continues to review and integrate the knowledge left behind by Serina, it is possible that she will take this design from theory to prototype, but it is not without some irony that Anders has now focused her full attention on unraveling the secrets of the Forerunners rather than continuing this line of research and development.