Phoenix Logs/Leaders/Commander Jerome

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Phoenix log artwork

UNSC Expeditionary Force Commander

With the authority granted to him as the ranking Navy and UEG official in a designated administrative region, Captain Cutter has conferred Jerome-092 the acting rank of Commander. The rank itself is a formality, but one insisted on by Isabel to better align the ship's ad-hoc command structure with the letter of UNSC regulations.

As force commander, Jerome-092 select units in his army Inspire the troops around them, increasing their resilience and damage. Once inspired they can be further buffed with abilities that trigger temporary acts of Spartan Morale-which further augments their armor, damage output, and speed. His Victory Mine and Enduring Salvo abilities also inspire nearby troops when they are activated.

As the battle reaches the peak of ferocity he can call in his trump cards: the Spartans of Omega Team and the ability to conduct a Field Promotion, which calls in an elite kill team of Spartans and upgrades all standard units to the first level of veterancy, respectively. When his troops are at low population, he can also activate Time For Heroes to Inspire his army and allow them to gain veterancy at a greatly-increased rate.