Phoenix Logs/Leaders/Anders

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Brilliant and fearless scientist.

Professor Ellen Anders is one of the Spirit of Fire's most valuable weapons. A brilliant scientist with expertise in fields as far ranging as theoretical xeno-biopsychology and high-energy physics. She has also proven to have an exceptional grasp of Forerunner technology and has displayed a command of Forerunner control systems which impresses even Isabel.

Although her official designation remains 'civilian consultant', Professor Anders has become the de-facto right hand and advisor of Captain Cutter on the Spirit of Fire and has also earned the respect and trust of the troops she works with in the field.

Anders is able to theorize the function and determine the use of almost any alien technology. She has a displayed a particular affinity for controlling Forerunner constructs, and can redirect the Ark's own drones for her own use as well as manipulate their actions with specialized instruments of her own design.