Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/The Healing of Old Wounds I

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Phoenix log artwork

Journal of Nathaniel J. Palmer, Archaeologist, Henry Lamb Research Outpost. Personal Diary Date: 03/16/2558

The will and resilience of life never ceases to amaze me. Infinite permutations of bacteria, animals, and plants all exist as a direct result of the endless struggle and adaptation against a hostile universe. This installation, light years from the galactic center, is a paragon of that fact. When we first arrived here, the Ark had suffered great wounds from our war against the Covenant, and so we activated dormant retriever sentinels and deployed them to strip-mine lifeless planets for the materials needed to repair the installation. Like watching a sleeping giant nudged into wakefulness, the reconstruction slowly reached full automation until we were no longer needed to guide the sentinels and could simply sit back and record the wonder of a world being reborn. [1/3]