Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Rise of Atriox II

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ONI Section Zero Board//Surveillance transcription of internal communications between subjects 'D' and 'S'. 11.17.2550 1453 hrs//Full transcript available on request//

['S'] Sir, did you receive the report on Codename: Slow Dive? I thought you should see it.

['D'] I did, although I'm not sure why I'm looking at it. Hit and run, neutralize Covenant forward outpost...break it down for me, what am I missing? Why is this an ONI concern? Did we lose anything vital?

['S'] No sir - in fact we suffered no casualties at all. When the team arrived at the outpost it had already been wiped out. Every Covenant dead, every weapon and vehicle gone. The only vehicles left look to have been sabotaged.

['D'] Crossed lines happen all the time. I take it you've already had a discrete poke around the other departments. Did we have a Spartan black ops mission there?

['S'] No one's heard a peep, sir and l was very thorough. I've annotated the report for you. The ballistics report confirms the majority of the damage came from spikers, brute weapons. Remember our discussion about Atriox?

['D'] Ah. You think this could be his work. What did that Grunt call them, 'The Banished'? Still out there, are they?

['S'] Once I saw the ballistics report I requested the last six months of mission reports—under a proxy of course—and I believe I've found other similar incidents; five months ago a rookie marine trips an alarm during a mission against a Covenant training camp. The team dig in, fearing the worst but no Covenant troops respond. The team sweep the camp only to find a few dead Sangheili in a warehouse. Everything else is gone, vehicles, weapons, even the rest of the Covenant that were stationed there. Once I started looking I found five other similar cases, all against Covenant targets.

['D'] So he's not just stealing armaments, he's recruiting. At the moment he's still using guerrilla tactics, which means he's still small time. Still, I'm impressed he's still alive. If he's got a grudge against the Covenant we may be able to use his attacks to our advantage, coordinate our operations with his raids. See if you can find a pattern, I want us to follow him more closely. Who knows, we may be able to come to some kind of agreement.