Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Hold Fast

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Phoenix log artwork

Balkarus, Brute captain

Attention pack brothers!

The next Jiralhanae that comes to me asking for Unggoy replacements to bolster the one he has 'misplaced' will lose his tongue to my blade! I understand patience is troublesome for warriors such as us, but hurling the whelps at the cloaking field to watch them fizzle and pop is a waste of resources!

True, it is amusing and I am willing to turn a blind eye to the occasional 'accident', but as disgustingly numerous as the Unggoy are, our forces here are limited until the operation is over. Besides, the grating squealing of the pathetic ones are likely to attract the unwanted attention of the Sentinels, which will slow down our plans.

Until the operation is over, the cloaking field must remain in place, and we must hold here to ensure its function. Despite their weakness, the humans seem to have eyes everywhere and they must not find out our plans. Save your bloodlust for the enemy, or strive for patience until the operation is complete. We are close now, and it will not be long before we can indulge ourselves again. Stay your hand, pack brothers, and sate your urges with the knowledge that we will soon have vengeance on the humans for the loss of the Enduring Conviction.