Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/An Uncomfortable Truth I

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Phoenix log artwork

Unkwown Author, Installation 00, Date 2/19/2553

High Charity has been successfully sealed, the perimeter has been razed, the Sentinel defences put in place, and the Flood contained. I allowed myself a small self-congratulation for a job well done, but now that the dust has settled I find my mind wandering into forbidden territories again.

Therefore, I have set myself the task of cataloguing and researching the Flood and its myriad forms. Of course this installation has full databanks on the Flood's history and the war my creator's waged against it, but there is always a small chance of new discoveries, even if it is simply reassessing old knowledge with the context of recent events.

Many regard the Flood as the ultimate representation of chaos, traditionally thought of as the enemy of the natural balance of the universe, a direct threat against the Mantle itself. However, with all things, what is chaotic can form patterns and purpose when viewed from a far or close enough distance. In fact, the most disturbing thought is the single-mindedness of the Flood, its one goal to subsume all sentient life, to make all as one. [1/2]