Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Wraith

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Phoenix log artwork

Heavy mortar tank.

The Wraith is a tank armed with a plasma mortar for long-range bombardment and short-range plasma cannons for engaging ground and air units. Wraiths in Banished service are fitted with energy shields. The Wraith's can be upgraded to fire a scorch mortar; the impact of this system's unstable plasma shells leaves a lingering pool of energy after impact.

Modified to fit the Brutes' warlike aesthetic, the Wraith serves the Banished as both a mainline tank and artillery piece. Armed with its distinctive plasma mortar the Wraith can shatter heavily reinforced defenses from long distances or engage closer targets with devastating barrages. Despite the Wraith's large size, its boosted gravity drive allows for impressive bursts of speed and surprisingly agile maneuvers over most terrain.