Phoenix Logs/Banished Buildings/Turret

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Phoenix log artwork

Defense emplacements.

Weapon towers around the Outpost deter attack from the UNSC. Sentinels, and rival overseers who hope to capitalize on momentary weaknesses. Most Outposts can fit up to four Turrets. Each Turret can be upgraded to be more effective against aircraft, vehicles, and infantry. Unlike UNSC turrets, these upgrades can be combined.

Banished turrets start as moderately effective defensive structures, but they can be improved as time and resources allow. Canny overseers do not attempt to upgrade every turret to its full potential all at once, instead taking advantage of momentary surpluses and keen tactical analysis to upgrade based on current threats. Fully upgraded Banished turrets are extremely deadly, and only the most foolish UNSC commander would run directly at a fully upgraded defense line. But do not assume the Banished will be content to wait behind their turrets, Atriox commands that the best defense is always a good offense.