Phoenix Logs/Banished Buildings/Outpost

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Phoenix log artwork

Extraction and domination.

Resource-gathering Outposts are deployed by Lich dropships. Once the Outpost's structures are assembled basic vehicles and infantry can be requisitioned. Four slots are available for building Turrets. Upgrading the Outpost to a Stronghold allows basic infantry to be deployed, While the Citadel and Fortress expansions make additional units available. Each upgrade opens additional build locations for support structures.

The Banished have perfected their strip-mining and rapid assault and extraction efforts over a decade of raiding Covenant and other targets. Each outpost is an invasive engine of exploitation, controlled by rapacious overseers who seek to siphon the riches of the Ark in pursuit of Atriox's grand plans for domination and glory. Though they lack the military efficiency of their UNSC counterparts, the Banished's outposts advance plans that extend far beyond the battlefield, and even beyond the Ark itself.