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Molly Patel on the cover of Halo: Legacy of Onyx.
Molly Patel, a member of the family.

The Patels were a human family who had resided on the colony world of Paris IV.


Molly Patel and her elder sister Grace were born to Brigid and Gotam Patel on Paris IV, and grew up living on the outskirts of Mímir city. In 2549, when Molly was seven years old, the Covenant arrived and attacked their homeworld. During the Covenant's assault on the planet, the Patels tried to flee to Mímir's spaceport and escape offworld. Molly's parents had no choice but to evacuate without Grace, as she had spent the night over at a friend's and had already left to reach the refugee transports with the friend's family. As Molly's father hastly drove from looming Covenant starships to find a safe route to the spaceport, Molly's mother tried to comfort her for Grace's absence. After being obstructed from crossing a damaged bridge that led toward the direction of spaceport, Gotam instead resolved to seek shelter in a tunnel located at Cochineal Pass. While Molly's father raced to the mountain pass, a nearby Covenant ship unleashed its powerful energy beam projector and threatened to consume their vehicle. Although the Patels managed to narrowly escape the scorching energy beam by reaching the tunnel, their vehicle quickly collided inside with the back of a truck, killing both Gotam and Brigid in the crash. Molly was then left alone and trapped in the wreckage until she was rescued by UNSC Marine Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson. After her ordeal on Paris IV, Molly was adopted by close scientist friends of her parents, Yong Lee and Asha Moyambe, and they moved to Wisconsin, Earth. It was there that Molly later learned the fate of her older sister from her Newparents. Grace and her friend's family had made it unto an escape shuttle at the spaceport, but before their shuttle could take off from the launchpad, the Covenant incinerated their vessel. Molly's Newparents helped her cope with her loss by keeping a framed picture of her family in their living room.[1] When Molly was eleven years of age, she and her Newparents resettled to the city-platform of Aranuka in the western Pacific Ocean. Over the next five years, Molly adjusted to her new life there and attended Admiral Harper High School. By the time Molly reached sixteen, her folk's careers researching the Forerunners allowed them the opportunity to relocate to Paxopolis, a scientific settlement located within the massive Shield World known as the Sarcophagus.[2]


  • Gotam Patel - Molly's deceased father.
  • Brigid Patel – Molly's deceased mother.
  • Grace Patel - Molly's deceased older sister.
  • Molly Patel - A sixteen-year-old adolescent and war survivor.

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