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The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIV - June 24, 2007

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume XIV, and once again, the Oracle bids thee tidings in this week's volume of the Oracle Newsletter, for the week of June 24, 2007!

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The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIV - June 24, 2007
New Usergroup Leadership

Written by RelentlessRecusant, Editor-in-Chief

At the midnight of June 24, 2007, a transfer of power was effected...not with grenade detonations nor bombing runs or armed Marines surrounding the UNSC of Halopedia Command Center, but with a click of the button, the reins of the Covenant of Halopedia, UNSC of Halopedia, Forerunners of Halopedia, and Parasite of Halopedia were handed over from the Second Term leaders to those newly elected to lead in the Third Term.

The elections were already pretty blasting late. The Third Term elections were supposed to end on May 31, 2007, and the Third Term's officers were supposed to hold power between June 1st and August 1st. It 'twasn't until someone on "#halopedia" brought it up to RelentlessRecusant that the elections were about two weeks late did RelentlessRecusant post emergency elections for the leaders of those usergroups...and with that, a proposal...one to unify the Covenant of Halopedia and its three subgroups, and to change their leadership structure.

The proposal went as follows: the four usergroups of Halopedia would be lead by 10 leaders. There would be 4 leaders for the Covenant of Halopedia: 1 Councilor and 3 Imperial Admirals. There would be 4 leaders for the UNSC of Halopedia: 1 General and 3 Colonels. There would be 1 leader for the Forerunners of Halopedia, a Monitor, and 1 leader for the Parasites of Halopedia, a Gravemind.

Gentlemen and...Caboose...of Halopedia, I proudly present the results of the Third Term Election...

  • James-001 - Covenant of Halopedia, Councilor
    • Donut THX 1138 - Imperial Admiral
    • Manticore - Imperial Admiral
    • Rotaretilbo - Imperial Admiral
  • Blemo - UNSC of Halopedia, General
    • Phil.e. - Colonel
    • Pyromancer - Colonel
    • Ryanngreenday - Colonel
  • Mouse among men - Parasites of Halopedia, Gravemind
  • Spartan 1138 - Forerunners of Halopedia, Monitor

RelentlessRecusant apologizes for holding these elections so late. Unfortunately, the Third Term leaders will only have about four weeks to lead instead of their intended two months because of RR's laziness...*RR slaps himself*...feeling bettah already? ;-)

You can see the details of the election here.