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Issue 1: It matters to us!

Story by CIA391
September 25, 2017

Welcome everyone!

Welcome to Issue 1 of the new Halopedia News(Name pending to be changed) a news article we hope to try and release once a week(remember we are only human heh). This week we will go over who we are, what we plan to do over the next few weeks, how you can get involved, and also show a community item we thought was really interesting, along with stuff that happened this week.

Who are we!

We are Halopedia News! We are dedicated to hosting news articles and buzz from all around the Halo Community! You'll find everything from the latest game announcements, the latest Community news, to the latest shenanigans from 343 Industries, and so much more. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or join the Discord server for up-to-date news coverage!

Our plans!

We have a few plans for Halopedia news, such as getting a logo made specifically for the news, getting a new name, and a few other things so you have a good time looking at the news as much as you do reading it. We also plan to make sure a lot of Halo News is put in this. But what we are most excited to tell you all is we have a few interviews lined up, we cant wait to show who we have lined up(But we do wanna keep them a secret), but we can tell you they are really cool, and worth sticking around to read when we post them.

This Week in Halo!

News - Issue 1 BC.png

This week in Halo, Halo 3 turns 10 years old, it having launched today on September 25 2007. Happy birthday, you brought us all joy for the last ten years, and we thank you and Bungie for crafting the experience. So sometime this week we should all pop in Halo 3 to experience the game again, I know we will. To link onto this a big piece of news is a bunch of Xbox 360 Halo games join Halo Reach in being backwards compatible. Halo 3 being one of those games, alongside Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. This is great news as it means you can customize your Spartans again, you can play firefight in ODST, and you can play all your old forge maps. You can read more about it here in the Halo Waypoint Community Update: Back Mentality.

We got given Patch Notes for Halo Wars 2 for September 26 where two new multiplayer maps are being added (among other bug fixes, and balancing). Mirage, and Fissure. We cant wait to try them out. You can read the all the patch notes here.

Awakening the Nightmare also comes out this week, and Ready Up Live has you covered with the first mission of the DLC campaign. Note if you want to experience Awakening the Nightmare blind do not watch this video. Video here. Again Warning Spoilers.

Community News

This will be short this week as we are getting started but to get us started we are going to show Halo canon(Toa Freaks) newest video, The Halo Array - Halo 101 where he goes over the Halo Array and tells us a few new revelations about it from when he visited 343 Industries. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed watching it ourselves, cause a lot of it is brand new.

How to get involved?

How you can get involved is easy. If you have a news tip or submit your article, please message it to one of our News team, with the title "Halopedia News tip", or reach us on Twitter or Facebook, we will try and respond and read everything sent our way.

If you want join the team, please submit your application here, and the team will review the submission.


Lets make this News great everyone, and we hope you all stick around with us. See you next week everyone!

- CIA391 - Editor N' Chief