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Sgt. Johnson presents Firefight!

Story by JEA13
August 25th, 2009


The Sarge makes you love Firefight!


First of all, I'll present the link to the new ViDoc. BEFORE YOU OPEN IT, take a taste of what you'll see there:

  • Johnson describing how enemy waves work in Firefight.
  • Johnson describing how skulls work in Firefight.
  • Johnson clarifying that contrary to popular belief, Firefight will be available in four modes: Solo, Co-op, System Link, and Xbox LIVE!!!
  • Johnson officially talking about the new achievements of Firefight.
  • A pre-game screen showing how you can change faces and armor for your ODST for Firefight!
  • An after-game lobby leaking new medals for Firefight! Here they are:
    • Headshot, scoring a headshot, it's that simple (and complicated) :)
    • Needler Kill, scoring a kill with a Needler.
    • And a medal awarded for taking out a Brute's armor with an overcharge and killing them afterwards.
  • Johnson talking about how can you unlock him in Firefight (like we don't know lol =P)

and many more!!!

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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