Machines, Materiel and Munitions from the Human-Covenant Conflict, 2525 - Present/Spiker

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Brute Spiker
Excerpt from long-term, in-field interview with the soldiers of E2-BAG/1/7.

Type-25 Carbine (Spiker)

Length (o/a): 81.7 cm (32.17 in.)
Length (barrel): 25.4 cm (10 in.)
Weight (empty): 6.4 kg (14.2 lbs)
Weight (loaded): 7 kg (15.5 lbs)
Cartridge: Unknown
Effective range: 40 meters (131 ft)
Muzzle velocity: 76.2 m/s (250 f/s)
Magazine capacity: 40 rounds
Rate of fire: 480 rnds/min
Unit Replacement Cost: NA


The type-25 carbine is a magazine fed weapon designed for automatic fire. The weapon has two tungsten-alloy bayonet-type attachments.

Paegaas Workshop Spiker in Halo 3 from


This weapon resembles our technology more closely than it does the other weapons in the Covenant’s arsenal. It performs admirably in a variety of environments; it is a widely held belief that the weapon could sit unattended for several weeks in an active latrine and still operate as issued with no maintenance performed on it. Unfortunately this is not far from the truth.

Though it was first observed over a quarter century ago this weapon has not been seen in the hands of front line troops until just recently. Over the years it has garnered the nicknames “Spike Rifle”, “Spiker”, and “hatchet gun”.


“Even though them spike rifles are really heavy I still wish there was some way to retrofit a full stock onto ‘em.”

“Recoil isn’t as bad as you might expect, but not because of any sophisticated dampening system – it’s because the damn things weigh so much.”

“I saw the baby kong go dry so I moved in with my shotty, well that’s the last time I’ll be doing that, huh? Damn cleaver-bayonet-thing went right through the shotty and cut my arm off just above the elbow. Only reason I’m still here is because of, well you know, because of him.”

“Every action requires exaggerated movement; cycling the bolt, seating a magazine, charging the chamber. Even squeezing the trigger takes quite a bit of effort. And it isn’t all that surprising considering the disparity in size of our two species.”

“Bravo kilos sure have a thing for sticking blades on their equipment, don’t they? I bet their mess kits’ve got three knives.”

“The projectiles fired from this weapon seem to be made out of the same material as the spike grenade’s casing. Wounds caused by this weapon are horrifying.”

“Spike rifles always have a weird sorta burnt hair smell about them. And you know you’re heading towards a firefight where they’re bein’ used if it smells like a barbeque gone wrong.”

A Mark VI-clad Spartan dual wielding Paegaas Workshop Spikers in Halo 3 multiplayer.
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