MA37 assault rifle/Gameplay

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Like most weapons in Halo: Reach's sandbox, the MA37 comes with reticle bloom. Sustained fire will decrease the accuracy of the weapon; this is indicated by the expanding reticule. To compensate , it is recommended to fire in short, controlled bursts.


  • Like the MA5B in Halo: Combat Evolved and the MA5C in Halo 3/ODST, the MA37 is efficient in taking down large squads of Grunts. Be sure to fire in short controlled bursts to maximize the killing potential of the weapon's small magazine.
  • A combination of the assault rifle and a fully-charged plasma pistol is a good all-round weapon combo; shielded Covenant soldiers can be easily neutralized with the charged plasma pistol followed by several controlled bursts from the assault rifle.
  • Despite what it might seem, the MA37 is actually rather inefficient against Jackals and Skirmishers, especially the higher ranks of the latter, whose arm-shields can deflect most of the rounds sent their way. Stick with melee, or switch to a precision weapon.
  • Brutes are also a similar challenge; it can take nearly an entire magazine to kill just one. Avoid using the MA37 against them if at all possible.
  • Higher ranking Elites pose a similar threat, especially on the higher difficulty settings. Don't bother trying to kill one with the MA37; use it to tear through their shields, then finish them off with a headshot from a precision weapon, melee, or a grenade stick.
  • As with previous assault rifle models, ammunition for the MA37 is spectacularly abundant. Almost every friendly AI carries one, and racks of them can be found on practically every level. Use this to your advantage; if you're low on ammo for any weapon, grab an MA37 and rip through your foes till you find something more viable.


  • The MA37 is the typical starting weapon for most online matchmaking games. It is best used at close range, so one tactic is to charge an opponent and unleash fire as soon as they're squarely within your reticule. Keep shooting until their shields go down and finish them off with a quick melee or more fire.
  • Roughly half a magazine on a fully shielded enemy is all you need to kill them. While previous assault rifles have killed a fully shielded opponent in standard matches with exactly 16 shots, the MA37 seems to fluctuate in how many rounds are needed, sometimes needing more, sometimes less.
  • The MA37's versatile nature makes it an excellent back-up weapon to make up for the faults of the player's main weapon.
  • The MA37 is great at doing flesh damage. When your opponent’s shield is down, go for the kill.
  • The MA37 is inferior to the M392 DMR, Gadulo-pattern needle rifle, and M6G magnum when compared with their accuracy and range. However, it is easier to use at short range combat compared with aforementioned weapons due to easy shot placement.
  • The MA37 makes an excellent weapon for coordinated fire. Two or three players utilizing it against the same target can take down even an over-shielded opponent in seconds. This is an excellent tactic in objective games, as two or three defenders can stop practically any assault against your flag, hill, or bomb location