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Campaign and Firefight[edit]

  • The M6C/SOCOM was designed as a very powerful scoped pistol in tribute to the fan-beloved M6D from Halo: Combat Evolved. The M6C/SOCOM combines the fire rate of the M6C with the accuracy, range, and scope of the M6D. However, it does not have the stopping power of an M6D or M6G (due to the reduction in bullet velocity due to the silencer), so it's best used to use headshots against unshielded enemies. Indeed, the weapon's non-headshot damage is so mediocre that even a Grunt can survive several torso shots from the M6C/SOCOM. This places the weapon as the lowest-damaging of all the M6 series pistols in-game, which is surprising due to it being issued to special forces teams. However, skilled marksmen capable of consecutive headshots can dispose of Grunts and Jackals with startling ease, efficiency, and speed, thanks to the low recoil, high accuracy, and high magazine capacity of the pistol.
  • The M6C/SOCOM is most effective against Grunts and Jackals, however it is ineffective against Hunters. When going up against Jackals, the combat strategy used throughout the previous Halo titles remains effective, as despite the low damage the M6C/SOCOM can still stagger them with one shot to the hand or another exposed part of the body.
  • The M6C/SOCOM is essentially useless against enemies with energy shields, at least on its own. The most common way to take down shielded infantry is to take down their shield using the M7S SMG, MA5C assault rifle, or a Plasma Pistol/Rifle and then follow up with a headshot with the M6S.
  • If the Vostu-pattern carbine is available *and* has significant ammunition, it might be preferred. The Carbine is effective on shields and especially on Chieftain helmets, but is less accurate and very ammo intensive to use on shields. This can make it problematic in Firefight, as Jackals drop low reserve ammo for it and Brutes rarely wield it.
  • If the BR55HB battle rifle is available, it is usually inferior to the M6C/Socom as a headshot-capable weapon. While the Battle Rifle has more generous bullet magnetism, it has far lower reserve ammo, a lower zoom, and is only moderately effective on shields. Note that the Battle Rifle is not available in Campaign or standard Firefight settings.